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The best and only acceptable way to assess a medical concern is through direct contact with your physician. Our office staff is not permitted to diagnose or give advice over the phone or internet. You will always be encouraged to see your doctor when an issue arises. Please make an appointment when you wish to discuss a medical problem or an issue surrounding a problem. In situations where you are unsure of what to do, please feel free to call telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.

Please note that our phone lines can be extremely busy, especially first thing in the morning. Phone messages may be left 24 hours a day. When leaving a message clearly state your name, phone number, and a brief reason for your call. We thank you for your patience and assure you messages are checked regularly during office hours. Please be aware that messages are not checked after hours or on weekends. We will return your call as promptly as possible or on the next business day.


It is important to be aware that email correspondence is not a secure method of communication and as such the sending of medically sensitive information is not allowed. Please speak with front desk prior to sending emails to the clinic.

Secure Messaging
We offer a secure messaging service through MEDEO to help improve the delivery of medical results, handle routine health issues, and promote care coordination between visits more efficiently. The doctors will be able to send messages, test results, and/or documents to patients with the security that traditional email does not provide. If you are interested in using this service please contact our front staff with a valid email address. The first email you receive from the doctor will include a link to sign up through the MEDEO health secure messaging website.

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