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Booking and Cancelling Appointments
Our practice strives to book appointments appropriately so that you can be seen on time patients can call front staff to book appointments, or visit our website and click the online booking portal. Please understand that unfortunately in medicine there are emergencies that may occur which will take precedence over scheduled appointments. We appreciate your patience with delays during those times. Let our office staff know by phone or answering machine when you cannot keep an appointment. Missed appointments prevent someone else from being seen. All missed appointments are subject to a minimum $50.00 fee based on the length and the type of the missed appointment.

Emergencies Walk-in Visits

We do not offer drop-in or walk-in hours, all appointments require a booked appointment. The Osgoode Village Family Health Organization is not an urgent care facility and therefore suspected broken limbs, heavy bleeding, severe allergic reactions, heart attacks, strokes or life-threatening emergencies should be dealt with by calling 911 or going directly to the nearest hospital emergency. 

Same Day Appointments

We do offer same day appointments for certain issues, these appointment are opened up at 8:00am on the day of. Please call front desk as close to 8:00am as possible to see if a same day appointment is available, if you get voicemail please leave your name, contact number and a breif reason for needing a same day appointment. These appointments are given out on a first call first serve basis , voicemails are checked and included in the call order.

Housecalls and palliative care
Our family health physicians will do palliative care as well as house calls for those patients who require these services. Please speak with your family doctor if you are in need of this service. 

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