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Medeo Secure Messaging

As part of the Osgoode Village Family Health Organization’s commitment to improve the delivery of healthcare we are pleased to offer online secure messaging. Our objective for using secure messaging is to improve the delivery of medical results, handle routine health issues, and promote care coordination between visits more efficiently. This service helps us avoid telephone tag which can result in delays in communication, as well as the frustration of busy phone lines. Your family physician will be able to send messages, test results, and/or documents to patients with the security that traditional email does not provide. This service is physician driven which means only your family physician can initiate all messages, and if the option is given, patients will be able to reply. If you are interested in using this service as your first preference for communication please provide front desk staff with a valid email address. One email per patient is required households cannot use a shared email. A notification will be sent via email when your family physician sends a message providing you a link to sign up or log into the secure Medeo Health website. You are asked to view these messages within a timely manner, and reply if required.

This user friendly service requires no additional software, patients only need a valid email address and a working internet connection. The initial sign up only takes a few minutes, and will give you immediate access. You can then, at your convenience go to the website from any device (app also available for download). There is no obligation to take part in this way of communication, you can opt not to use this service, or stop using it at anytime. If you are interested in signing up for Medeo please contact front desk with your email address and an invite will be sent.

Medeo Online Booking

We are pleased to offer online booking. Patients will be able to access a secure online booking portal 24/7. If you are interested in this service please use the new online booking link located on the website. Click the link, select your healthcare provider, select appointment type, select date, enter any appointment notes, and at that point patients will receive a prompt to set up an account. Each patient will need a valid and separate email address, families cannot use one email per household. This is a user friendly service that requires no additional software, just a working internet connection on any device. Patients will receive email confirmation once the appointment has been accepted. If there is a processing error or the appointment is rejected, a reason will be provided in the email. Please note for any urgent care or same day appointments patients must call the office to book. Appointments cannot be canceled online please call the office if you are unable to attend or need to reschedule. There is no obligation to take part in this booking system, you can opt not to use this service, or stop using it at anytime.

For Medeo Support or how to videos on either of these services please click here.

MEDEO HEALTH APP available for download.

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