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It can sometimes be difficult to find a new doctor, particularly if there is a shortage of physicians in the area where you live. If you’re trying to find a new doctor, you may wish to try the following strategies:

Health Care Connect

Health Care Connect is a Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) program which helps Ontarians without a family health care provider find one.

The program refers people without a regular family health care provider to physicians and nurse practitioners who are accepting new patients in their community. To register for the Health Care Connect program, call  1-800-445-1822, or for more information, visit the MOHLTC website at:

Local Hospital(s)

Hospitals often know which physicians with privileges or on staff are accepting new patients, and may be able to provide a few contacts.

Community Health Centre(s)

Community health centres are organizations that provide primary health care and prevention programs through physicians and a variety of other health professionals. If you have a local community health centre, it may be taking new patients. Keep in mind that most community health centres only provide services to people who live within their particular community (i.e., within their “catchment area”) and/or target populations. A list of community health centres in Ontario is available on the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s website at:

Local newspapers

Some physicians, including those who are new to an area or who are beginning to establish a practice, will advertise that they are accepting new patients.